Compliance Services Training

Managed Compliance Services for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

The HIPAA Statute requires that healthcare organizations maintain a compliance regimen with reasonable safeguards that cover the following:

  • Business Recovery (Business Impact Analysis)
  • Security Policies and procedures updates
  • Employee Training
  • Information technology audits

Our partners can train your staff in cultural differences and how the effect outcomes.

Business Recovery Planning

Dyas Consulting believes an effective Business Continuity Strategy and Plan that focuses on operational and technical solutions is essential for healthcare organizations trying to deliver continuous quality patient care. Dyas Consulting has developed a Life Cycle Methodology that offers a pragmatic and success-oriented approach for identifying the critical risks of system outages and developing operational and technical procedures that reduce the impacts of system outages.

HIPAA Privacy and Security Policies and Procedure:

Dyas consulting will assess your compliance with the HIPAA statutes privacy and security rules. We can also help your organization to create standards and policies around these rules.

Compliance Education:

Dyas Consulting is associated with HCCS (Health Care Compliance Services, Inc) who can provide on-line interactive HIPAA training to your employees ,please follow the link

Dyas Consulting can also work with your staff on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance as well.

Information Technology Audits:

In today’s healthcare environment, healthcare leaders recognize the need to assess the effectiveness, cost, and ability of their IT organization to meet future information management demands. To address this need Dyas Consulting utilizes the best set of standards and benchmarking in the industry.

Dyas Consulting will determine if the IT organization can bear the weight of all business and technology initiatives and ongoing services, as well as the level of predictable risk. The audit activities of this project will focus on assessing your current position around the following ten key IT processes and provide recommendations, and a high-level plan on ways to improve performance:

Compliance Pie Chart
  1. Strategic Planning and Continuity
  2. Governance and Policy
  3. Future Focus and Regulatory Compliance
  4. Project Execution and Delivery
  5. Application Management
  6. Fiscal Responsibility and Management
  7. IT Value
  8. Ops and Data Center Management
  9. Infrastructure Organization, Leadership and Staff Development
  10. Service Levels

Aligned with each process are associated best practices and benchmarks. Our interviews and other information gathering will allow us to compare your IT organization with other organizations of similar size and complexity utilizing these benchmarks and best practices.

Compliance Services Program

Dyas Consulting has a fixed fee compliance services program tailored to meet your institutions needs.

  • Compliance Office set up, and ongoing compliance support
  • Business Recovery Planning
  • Periodic updates of Policies and Procedures
  • Employee training and testing
  • Risk Analysis updates
  • Business associate contract review and analysis
  • Information Technology auditing services
  • Compliance Statute updates